Monday, 12 March 2018

Back to Basics.

As Violet has got older, we've been really lucky with nappy rash. In fact, I can probably count on my hands the few times she's suffered with it. I'm not sure if it's down to the products we use or the cloth nappies but her bottom usually rash-free and I have a happy toddler. Except when she's teething. 

I assumed it was an old wives tale, that babies get a sore bum when they have teeth coming through. Well for us, it's definitely not a fable and poor V can get quite sore. Despite that, thankfully she gets pretty much, no other teething symptoms.

Of course, we've used all the nappy rash and barrier creams to try and combat a red bottom. They all have their perks and we definitely have a handful we prefer. Ive recently been reminded of the wonders of Bepanthen* so it's become out go-to cream the past month or so. It ticks all the boxes for us at the moment and it's really been doing the job. 
I've know about the wonders of Bepanthen, long before I had Violet. I used to use a super thin layer when healing tattoos and it was brilliant. I assume it's the Vitamin B5, within the cream that helps to recover the skin when it's been damaged, which makes sense for it to work perfectly on my skin and Violet's bum. 

I really appreciate that a little goes a very long way. There is one culprit in the nappy rash world that is unbearable to use because it's just so messy - Sudocrem, I'm looking at you. Bepanthen doesn't have that super thick feeling, nor does it manage to get on every surface within a ten metre radius. It's clean, easy to use and does the job and that's all I really want from a barrier cream. 

You may remember over the summer of last year, Violet had a really awful time with her skin. She takes after her mama and is very sensitive. Cue anything with a fragrance is an absolute no-no. Thankfully Bepanthen is fragrance free so we can use it happily on V, knowing it's not going to make her bum any worse. 
One thing that's great too, is Bepanthen didn't seem to stain her nappies either. If you use cloth nappies, you'll know some brands can leave marks on nappies which can affect the absorbancy. However we've not had that issue with these barrier creams so that's definitely a plus for me. 

So if you have a tube of Bepanthen hidden away in your cupboards, it might be worth picking it back up and giving it a good on that pesky nappy rash!

Katie xx

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