Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Apologies for the radio silence the past few weeks. We've had a lot on our plates and I really haven't felt like even looking at my blog. Hopefully I can get a bit more back on track now everything has calmed down. I will fill you all in at a later date, but for now I needed to get up the obligatory pumpkin picking post!

We took Violet to a local fruit picking farm to get her very own pumpkin this year. There were fields full of the things. Albeit some had been placed their by the "pumpkin fairies" but the majority were still attached to the ground. I had no idea how many shapes and sizes those things come in. 

Of course, Violet was far more interested in the wheelbarrow than actually choosing a pumpkin to take home. However, after she had got over the initial excitement (and realised she couldn't physically push the wheelbarrow) she did manage to pick out an unusual-shaped-not-quite-Orange pumpkin to take with us. 

We of course, had great intentions of carving our oval shaped friend, however a week later when we planned to turn it into a smiley face, he grew mould! So after our great efforts in a field, we ended up at Aldi to pick up a new one. Lesson definitely learnt for next year. Although we did have lots of fun in the pumpkin patch!

Katie xx

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