Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Rise of Outdoor Playgroups.

Ever since Violet was around 6 weeks old, we've been to mother and toddler groups. You name it, we've tried it. Honestly, I don't love a general "parent and toddler" group, they're amazing places for new mums but they can be really overwhelming. I find that a more structured group forces you to speak to other people and everyone tends to be in a similar boat. 

As Violet has got older, it's become more obvious on the types of groups she enjoys and the ones that don't work as well for us. And by that I mean, V has no spatial awareness and is fiercely independent, which isn't great in small spaces, around small babies! However more recently I've found some amazing groups that really work well for little miss Bear Grylls. 

Forest schools and outdoor groups are becoming more and more accessible, which is really amazing if you have a toddler like mine. Violet is never happier than when she's exploring outside, but still getting to interact with other children. Outdoor play is so good for little ones and it's great to get a bit of fresh air yourself. It provides the perfect way to let off a little steam and tire those cheeky monkeys out! 

We first tried a proper "forest school" back in August. The whole set up was brilliant and Jonathan and I were really impressed. We really were in the midst of a forest, which was the perfect playground for Violet. Our second encounter with outdoor playgroups was at the Whitworth Art Gallery and their Toddler Outdoor Club. This is free and not quite as exciting as being in an actual forest but Violet enjoyed herself none the less. There both a little further than we would regularly travel, but since I've discovered one much closer to home. 

Our local group is Nature Tots and takes part twice a week in a park. The area in which the sessions take place is owned by the Wildlife Trust and is opened specifically for these sessions. The space has allotments, green houses, a mud kitchen, outdoor instruments and even a space for a camp fire. It's really amazing and so much fun for the little ones. This week we planted potatoes that'll be ready for Christmas and some spinach to take home. I really feel like Violet is learning as well as playing!

I really love seeing her little face enjoying the outdoors and to quote one of the mums at the session, a "Nature Tots Nap" after the group is amazing!

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  1. Aw so lovely, your little girl is adorable! I have a very shy two year old little boy who cries whenever he sees another little one, we are taking him to playgroup once a week but I think he will find it difficult adjusting to nursery next year - fingers crossed haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)


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