Monday, 12 June 2017

The End of Maternity Leave.

And just like that my maternity leave was over...I've officially been back at work for four weeks now and although I'm in a very privileged position, it still feels like the end of the total freedom of mat leave. It's a very surreal feeling having 11 months away from a working environment and then being thrown back in. I not only headed back to work in May, but I also started a new job. Which has meant meeting new people and completely starting a fresh in my working life.

I am unbelievably lucky to have found a job where I can work evenings and spend my days with V. I spend the day running around after Violet and hopefully keeping her entertained enough to avoid a meltdown. Then three evenings a week I put my nurse-head back on and look after other people's families. I would be lying if I said it's all plain sailing, it can be incredibly exhausting, but we're absolutely making it work for us. 

The biggest change of all is my Mama friends heading back to work. We've had a maternity leave routine for so long now, the change is a little strange. Like I'm starting out all over again, putting myself out there at new baby groups and attempting to meet other mums too. But that's the beauty of having a baby - you always have a talking point. Plus I'm trying new things with V too. We've been to lots of soft play areas and even tried a trial swimming lesson last week. I'm fully taking advantage of any free sessions that groups have on offer! 

So here's to the next chapter of being a working mother, let's do this!

Katie xx


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  1. We were at Quary bank this weekend! I've also been back at work for a week now. Unfortunately my youngest is ill (again) so I've had to phone in work to say I couldn't go in today. Being a working mum (even part time) is tough. Good luck with making new friends and I hope you find some new ones too.


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