Saturday, 1 April 2017

The New Bag on the Block.

Violet has been wearing baby sleeping bags since she was heavy enough for the first size and to be honest we wouldn't use anything else. Before Violet used the bags, she was a monkey for kicking off the blankets and I was forever worrying that they would come loose and cover her face. Thankfully the sleeping bags give me peace of mind and allow Violet to wriggle as much as she needs to, but still keep warm during the night. 

We do have a few go-to sleeping bag brands, but we were recently asked if we'd like to try a sleeping bag from ergoPouch*. Of course, we jumped at the chance to try out something a little bit different for bedtime. I picked the ergoPouch Winter Sleepsuit Bag with Dandelion print, in a 2.5 tog which covers 18-23 degrees Celsius. The bag comes with a really handy room thermometer too.

The Sleepsuit differs from a regular sleeping bag as it can be converted from the regular 'bag' shape to a suit style all-in-one with separate legs. This is great for babies and toddlers that are crawling or walking around as it makes things a little safer when they inevitably try and stand up whilst wearing the bag. I know Violet is always trying to move around in her cot and pull herself up on the bars, I know it will be a little easier for her to do this when she's not tripping over excess material. The separate 'feet' have grips on the underside for those that are walking, to prevent any slips or trips when they're moving about in their nightwear.
The ergoPouch comes with long sleeves too, which is a huge benefit in the colder months. I'm constantly worried that V is getting cold arms, as most of the original sleeping bags are sleeveless and despite wearing a baby grow, it can still get pretty chilly. The jersey style sleeves make this a great option for the winter months and could be used with just a short sleeved vest when it does get a little milder. The rest of the suit is made from organic cotton, making it incredibly soft and durable. It's even filled with organic cotton fibres, making it super breathable and giving it a anti-bacterial properties too.

I love the fact that this sleepsuit can carry Violet through to the toddlers stage as the sizing is from 8-24 months. It certainly is roomy and Violet has tonnes of room to grow into it. As she is only small, this is still a little big for V, but nothing a bit of sleeve rolling can't fix! 

Do you use sleeping bags with your little ones?

Katie xx


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