Wednesday, 26 April 2017

RNW: Weleda Nappy Change Cream.

We've been really lucky since Violet was born, in that she's never really suffered from nappy rash. Every now and again her bum gets a little pink but it's certainly nothing to write home about. We have, however, always kept on top of making sure she is well moisturised and she has a little baby massage after her bath before bed every evening. 

In the spirit of Real Nappy Week, we are kindly sent some Weleda Nappy creams to try out. They're both baby and cloth nappy friendly, so of course we were willing to give them a go in the run up to RNW. 

First up the Calendula Nappy Change Cream*, this is a sister product to the Calendula oil that we've used since Violet was born. Knowing how well we get on with the oil, I knew this would be a great product for us. The cream is lovely and thick but not sticky and melts into the skin in no time. This works as such a great soothing cream but also a barrier between nappies and baby's delicate skin. I love the natural scent of Calendula too, it's not overpowering or synthetically fragranced and leaves a really subtle scent behind. 

The second cream we were sent to try is the White Mallow Nappy Change Cream*. This is a fragrance free cream made for extra sensitive and delicate skin, making it perfect for newborns. This again is a lovely thick cream and moisturises the skin perfectly. I've been using this myself and it leaves my skin so soft too. 

Weleda are such a fab brand, especially for baby's skin. They use sustainable, natural and organic ingredients and no nasties are pumped into their products. I'm a huge fan of Weleda and will definitely continue to use their products on mine and Violet's skin!

Katie xx

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  1. I use the Weleda camomile wash with Ollie which is really lovely x

  2. We LOVE Weleda products. It's the only thing we've used on Max and Emmie! X


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