Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our Montessori Shelves.

When you have a baby the entire parenting world becomes unbelievably overwhelming. There is so much advice and conflicting ideas that's it's hard to decide which path to take. And although we've made some mistakes along the way, I'm really happy with the choices we've made when it comes to bringing up Violet. 

Now she is on the move and interacting with us, other babies and her toys more, I'd been doing a whole tonne of reading into learning styles and ideas. I've read into Waldorf education, which is great but some aspects are definitely not for us. But after further reading (lots and lots of reading) we both felt that the Montessori approach really fit well with mine and Jonathan's ideas and values. We're both keen to help Violet become an independent and confident young lady and following Montessori ideas, we're pretty sure we can help contribute to that. 

So I put some things into place this week to help with Violet's learning and imagination, starting with her shelves. Luckily a lot of V's toys were already appropriate for Montessori. She has lots of open ended toys, wooden toys and spends a lot of time playing with her "realistic" animals. I've also introduced a Tuff Tray for sensory or themed activities, which I'm hoping to do a few posts on soon! I've really been trying to link up books to play too (which you may have seen on my Insta story). For example, using her animals when reading her farm book, then having some play time with them afterwards. It works well for us as she's not overwhelmed by everything out all at once. 
I've tried to organise the shelves in a way that similar toys are stored together. They're a really great height for Violet to be able to choose which toys she wants to play with and surprisingly she has chosen a few at a time - I half expected all of the toys to be pulled off immediately! I'm hoping to create a little reading nook next to the shelves too, with some lovely comfy cushions and a low book shelf she she can pick her story books. 

I'm really pleased with our new little baby-friendly corner of our house. It's lovely and light and leads straight to the garden where I know we will be spending a lot of time in the warmer months. Let's face it, messy sensory play is so much better when you don't need to worry about it being plastered all over your rug! 

We're still learning about Montessori and are by no means experts or following a strict Montessori approach, but it will certainly have some influence on the way V is brought up. 

For anyone wondering where we pick up Violet's toys, I'm more than happy to do a full post. Now let me get back to reading about bringing up little people. 

Katie xx


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