Friday, 10 March 2017

Violet's 6-7 Months Update.

Wow, I haven't done a Violet update for a couple of months and I must say a lot has happened. Of course if you have a baby, you'll know how quickly they change. Even in a day they can learn a new skill or suddenly master an old one and they're doing something different. It's crazy. Anyway, here is whistle stop tour of the last few months. 

As you know, we're well into the swing of things with baby led weaning. V has been eating for almost two months now and far so good. Some days are better than others when it comes to the amount she's consuming and she's certainly developed a taste for particular foods. Her current favourites are sweet potato, butternut squash, steamed apples, anything with peanut butter and bananas. She is doing really well sitting in her highchair too, I can't praise the Ikea highchair enough. It's the perfect size for little bums!

We've made it through another leap according to the Wonder Weeks app. It was a long one, from Christmas time to the middle of February, but we all survived. Violet has "leapt" and learnt lots of new things. She's really sturdy in her sitting position, making more choices when playing, following you around the room and gurgling more and more.

We're also officially on the move! Violet started crawling properly at the end of last week and now there's no stopping her. She is crawling more at home than when we're out and about but she's certainly becoming more and more confident moving about. Her latest party trick is to attempt to climb up me or pull herself up on items of furniture in attempt to stand. I think I really need to start baby proofing and investing in an extra pair of eyes for the back of my head! 

I'm sure I've missed 101 other things but I think you're pretty much up to date. I love watching V learn new skills and seeing her try new activities every week. It's so amazing to watch her growing into a little girl and leaving her tiny baby stage behind. I loved the newborn months but I must say, I'm loving this stage even more. 

Katie xx


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  1. I'm so excited to go through this all again. My youngest will be 6 in September and it feels like forever since I had a baby and now I'm due 2nd of April and having to start that journey all again. The health visitor arrived yesterday for her first visit and it really feels so real now. It's crazy how much they grow and how quickly too.

    - Kate x
    A British Sparkle


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