Friday, 3 March 2017

Using Pouches for BLW.

We are loving baby-led weaning in our house and letting V experiment and try new flavours and foods. Despite BLW, I've still found a place for pouches in our kitchen cupboards.

 I've never wanted to solely use ready made pouches or purées but they certainly come in handy for quick meals and adding some new tastes and textures. We were recently sent some Babease* pouches to try and I have to say I've been pretty impressed. 

We've tried the likes of Ella's Kitchen in the past, which certainly have their place for sweetening yogurts or spreading on toast but I've not found any unique flavours like the Babease range. The pouches are textured and mixed with some really interesting flavours that I would struggle to get into Violet's diet otherwise. 

So far her favourite flavours have been Butternut Squash, Quinoa & Beetroot and Brown Rice, Swede, Courgette & Kale, both of which are mixed with different herbs for V to try. I've been using the pouches in a couple of different ways. Either as a pasta sauce or as a sort of curry base for potato or butternut squash "curry". 

All of the Babease pouches are organic and made from premium ingredients, making them super yummy and healthy too. I will very be picking up some more of these pouches for Violet in the future, they're just so handy to have and create a really tasty meal. You can find the pouches in Boots. 

Katie xx


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