Monday, 13 March 2017

Tips & Tricks for Photographing Babies.

I am by no means a pro when it comes to photography but I have taken lots of photos in my time. I've definitely taken more and more photos since Violet came along, I think it's so important to document these memories for her to look back on when she's older. Plus our family doesn't live close by and my crazy photo taking is a good way to share updates with relatives. I've been trying to play around with different ideas recently and thanks to Pinterest and Facebook, I've managed to fashion a "milk-bath" photoshoot in our very own tub. This was such a simple thing to do and I'm really pleased with the outcome. I thought I'd dedicate this post to a few tips and tricks for taking photos of babies and things I've found from snapping away. 

It's all in the timing - If it's anywhere near nap time or Violet is getting hungry, there is no way I will attempt to try taking a staged photo. I tend to aim for half an hour or so after a nap, as I know she'll be in a decent mood and will potentially co-operate. The milk-bath photos I took after breakfast, when she would have her normal bath time and then just showered her down and fresher her up after I'd taken the pics. 

Prepare, prepare, prepare - I will ensure that the whole set-up is literally ready to go and the only piece missing is Violet. For instance with our Valentine's photos, I set up while V was napping and just popped her onto the set when we were ready. No faffing or messing, which meant she didn't get bored and was quite happy to smile at the camera. I tend to find V will happily sit for around 3-5 minutes while I take her photo, I wouldn't aim for much longer than that. 

Fill your memory card - Okay, this is a little dramatic but make sure you take lots and lots of photos. The easiest way to get a decent/natural photo is just to keep snapping away without breaking and you'll certainly have a few keepers. 

Take advantage of British Summer Time - Spring is finally on its way, hooray! As with any photo, natural light is easily the best. Not only does it look better than artificial light, but it also means there is very little editing required. If I do feel a photo is a little dark I use Snapseed to brighten, but other than cropping these photos have had no other editing. 

Use your props - When I'm looking for inspiration for a themed photoshoot like Christmas or Valentine's Day, I'm always scouring the shelves of Poundland. Most of the props I use have been picked up for less than £5. White backgrounds always look clean and crisp, so we use plain white disposable table cloths to create that look. Luckily I had some flowers that were due to be binned so I used those for this shoot, but you can easily pick up a cheap bunch in Aldi.  It's a good idea to have a prop in your hand too, like your child's favourite toy or something they will smile at. 

But most of all have fun and read you're babies cues. If they're not happy, move on and try again another time!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you tried a DIY baby photoshoot?

Katie xx


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  1. These photos are great, Violet looks adorable and so cute! Lovely idea of a milk-bath look as well xx


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