Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Teething Diaries.

I think it's every parents pet peeve - teething. It's almost as if Violet's teeth started bothering her the second she turned six months old. The past few weeks have consisted of bright red cheeks and biting pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Thankfully we seem to have found some things that really help to ease the discomfort for V. 

Medicine - A combination of Calpol & Teething Granules seem to be doing a good job with helping Violet when her gums are at their worst. The granules are a homeopathic remedy but actually seem to really help her. They're super easy to use and can be used every few hours. I'm not so keen on using Calpol all of the time, so unless she is really struggling I don't reach for it. However, it is brilliant stuff and really does take the edge of things for V. Never underestimate the power of paracetamol!

Teething Toys - I'm sure you all saw the Sophie the Giraffe drama last week, but I must confess Violet does still use hers. However she does prefer this little frog from Babipur. It's made from all natural products and is lots of different textures to make chewing him interesting and satisfying, definitely a fave. 

Milton Wipes - I've started packing these in the nappy bag because they come in super handy when I'm out and about, but I mainly use them to clean all of Violet's toys. The amount of time she spends licking, sucking, biting and chewing her toys, it's just sensible to make sure they're nice and clean before the day starts. Plus they're brilliant for giving highchairs a once before meal times. 

Dribble Bibs - Teething comes with lots of excess saliva. I seriously had no idea how much drool a baby could produce. Thank goodness for dribble bibs and Muslin squares. We really love using the Cheeky Chompers* dibble bibs and comforters. I've raved about them here before but they're great for keeping V's clothes dry and come with a hand chewable triangle that really helps to soothe her gums. 

Do you have any tips for teething babies?

Katie xx


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  1. Great post, I wish I had known about those bibs with the chewable triangle when my little girl first began teething. They look like such a good idea.


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