Sunday, 19 February 2017

Super Easy Baby Sensory at Home.

I'm forever trying to come up with easy rainy-day activities to do with Violet. Although we spend a lot of the week out and about, there are some days when we need a little something to keep us occupied for an hour or so. Recently we've found a lovely new messy play session at a children's centre which Violet loves, but it also provides me with lots of ideas and inspiration for trying new things at home. 

So this week I've gone all out and plonked Violet is a spare storage tub and popped in some edible sensory play for her to explore. We went with shredded wheat and dried oats this week, but I'm pretty sure you could go with anything you had lying around in the kitchen cupboards that is baby-safe obviously. V enjoyed playing with the different textures and picking up the oats and of course sticking them straight into her mouth! I also popped in her stacking cups, which worked really well for filling and pouring and just general play. 

Violet sat in here for a good half an hour interacting with the different textures and just having a good time. We explored a little with her feet too which she seemed to enjoy. I found the easiest way to play was to strip her down and to her vest and nappy and let her go for it. And I also popped the tub on a disposable table cloth I had to hand, to save any extra hoovering up! 

This is such an easy sensory activity to try at home and can be made with little or no cost at all. I'm really looking forward to experimenting with some more sensory tastes and textures - you'll find me browsing Pinterest. 

Do you know of any sensory activities we should try?

Katie xx

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