Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Living Arrows: Week 6/52.

Another packed week! We moved V into her own room and had a move around with her bed time routine. I can't believe that Violet is old enough to go into her big girl's bed, I was so anxious about moving her but I think it's need good for all of us. We finally picked up some baby monitors last week (good old BT monitors), which are brilliant FYI. Then we just ripped the bandaid off and went for it. 

Violet has taken to her own room really well. We've had no tears and she's settled in so much better than we thought. We've had a few hiccups, as V can roll over in her cot which means she wakes up panicking on her front. But I'm hoping to create something to prevent her from doing that. V has also been teething awfully this week so we have had a few rubbish unsettled nights due to those pesky gums. This photo is from Tuesday afternoon when Violet slept pretty much the whole day after being inconsolable all morning. It's so awful not being able to tell me what's hurting, so I did what we know is best and snuggled on Mama's bed all afternoon. 

We have tweaked her bed time slightly and we now head up to bed between 6-6:30pm rather than 7pm. This was the hubbies idea as Violet gets cranky around 6 ish and it's worked a charm. She will go down straight away and is actually sleeping better for it. I even read a few weeks ago, that tweaking by half an hour can make a real improvement on sleep, I can definitely vouch for that!

Here's hoping the good nights continue and the teeth behave themselves!

Katie xx



  1. Oh look at that cutie! Hope she slept well? Jade x #LivingArrows

  2. What a peaceful shot. Love her apple outfit.

  3. This is such a sweet photo! I love when little ones sleep with their hands behind their heads like that! Hope the good nights continue for you. x #LivingArrows

  4. So glad it's going well - she looks the picture of relaxation! Great photo :) x

  5. Aww, what a lovely photo. I'm glad she's settled into her own room well - I think for some babies it can really help them sleep better. #LivingArrows


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