Thursday, 9 February 2017

Caring for Baby's Skin in Winter.

Winter seriously takes it toll on my skin, I have super sensitive skin as it is and the colder months just make it a whole lot worse. I've been worried about how Violet would cope in the winter, especially being so young and have sensitive skin as it is. Thankfully we seem to have developed a good routine to keep her nice and moisturised and to avoid any nasty, flaky skin. 

It's so hard dealing with the cold weather and central heating, clothing wise as well as skincare. One thing we've been using constantly is coconut oil. It's so brilliant to use on pretty much anywhere, from nappy rash to Violet's rosy cheeks. Waterwipes recently worked with midwives to come up with some easy tips for caring for baby's skin in the colder weather, particularly when travelling during the winter period. Thankfully coconut oil is up there with the top tips and midwives advise to use it as a general moisturiser as well as on the face and lips, to keep skin lovely and supple. 

I've been harping on about V and teething recently but it's kind of taking over our lives. I'm having a constant battle between ensuring she's comfortable pain-wise and nice and dry around the neck area. We go through so many dribble bibs it's unreal, but it's super important to make sure Violet isn't getting "dribble rash" around her neck. My current routine to prevent any soreness, is making sure the area is nice and clean using Waterwipes and then patting dry and applying cream if necessary. 

We've always used Waterwipes as our go-to baby wipe and during the winter months we've been reaching for them a little more. They're so handy to have as they're super gentle and can be used anywhere on baby's skin. This came in especially handy when we went away in October and when we go away again in March. I must confess, we have tried other brands but they're quite drying on Violet's and definitely not something we can use on a everyday basis. I would definitely recommend giving them a go if your little one has sensitive skin and you're heading away somewhere cold this Winter!

Have you got any tips for caring for baby's skin in Winter?

Katie xx

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  1. Aww she is SO cute! We have a huge stash of Waterwipes ready for our little one and I noticed you can get them on Amazon Prime too, so we are sorted! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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