Monday, 6 February 2017

Baby Led Weaning: Month One.

If you follow me on social media you're probably sick of the sight of V eating. But this Mama is super excited and proud of how Violet is getting on. We started our Baby Led Weaning journey almost a month ago and we're getting on really, really well. 

I've become some what of a dab hand in the kitchen. I've rustled up a few new recipes and snacks for Violet to try, which seem to be going down pretty well. Im a little bit obsessed with the Baby Led Weaning a Cookbook app and I'm constantly searching for new things to try. I'm hoping to do a few posts on the kind of things Violet enjoys, in the next few weeks. It's so much fun watching her try new things and giving new flavours a go. 

We've been experimenting with new tastes and textures each week and this week I've cracked out our Tommee Tippee Steamer* which has allowed me to introduce Violet to a few new things that were a little bit too hard for before. I've discover V loves steamed apples, which have gone down an absolute storm, as well as broccoli and steamed pears. It's so easy to use and can fit in enough fruit or veg for us to all have some, it will definitely make life easier at meals times. 

Yogurt is up there with one of Violet's favourite foods. Which is fine by me and actually doubles up as a bit of messy/sensory play. Violet is trying harder and harder with her Tommee Tippee Self Feeding Spoons* and doing really well. I give her loaded spoons and she manages to take the spoon to her mouth and definitely gets some yogurt in! I love these spoons as they have a super long, chunky handles, making them really easy to grip and great for little hands. 

I'm trying hard to encourage Violet to drink water at meal times too, although we've not quite got the hang of using a beaker yet. So far we've given a free flow teat a go, which has proven a little more successful than her 360 Trainer Cup*, although I imagine this will be perfect as she gets older and will definitely save me some cleaning up as V tries to drown all her food in water!

I'm hoping to do regular updates on our BLW journey as Violet gets to grips with trying new things and I develop my cooking skills. I really can't wait to play around a little more in the kitchen and actually start eating a little better myself!

Do you have any BLW recipe recommendations?

Katie xx

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  1. Oh what app is it? I have the Gill Rapley book which I love. I can't wait to try out the recipes in 5 weeks. I am counting down the days! The steamer looks like a really good idea - makes life easier! xx


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