Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Baby Led Weaning & Eating Out.

Before we began BLW earlier in the year, I had lots of reservations and concerns, mainly centring around eating out. My hubby and I like to eat out on a weekend, no where posh or exciting but it's just something we have always done. Eating out with a little one is difficult as it is, but throwing the fact that they need feeding too, is a whole new ball game. Having said that, we seem to have coped the last few weeks and have actually started enjoying eating out with Violet. 

While we're on eating out, can we all just take a moment to praise the IKEA highchair? It's the one we have at home and I'm always thankful to see it in cafes and restaurants. It's the perfect fit for Violet and she will sit happily munching away without any problems. In fact, IKEA is just brilliant for families all round. The cafe is so accessible and super cheap and it's actually where we took these photos. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't buy meals for V when we're out. Violet is definitely not at that stage yet, but if I have something appropriate for her to nibble on then I will happily share that with her (Pizza Hut salad bar, I'm looking at you!). Or otherwise I tend to take a packed lunch of something we made earlier, which works really well for us. But we are still eating off the table and throwing a lot on the floor, so Michelin star dining probably isn't a great idea. 

I've found a few things really help when we're out and about and planning on stopping for food. One being the IKEA highchair blow-up insert. We bought two, one for at home and one to take out with us. It's really handy to pop in the nappy bag and inflated or folded down within a few minutes. It fits inside all highchairs and makes a huge difference when cafes have those huge wooden chairs. 

Another great find is the Bibetta Placemat* for popping down on the table and letting V go to town on her lunch. Not only is it machine washable and waterproof but it also stops me having to wipe down every surface before Violet starts eating. The placemat has a really handy pocket too, so catches any food that would otherwise end up in V's lap then ultimately onto the floor. It's certainly made my life a little easier when we're eating out.

Lastly, choosing family friendly restaurants and cafes is definitely the way forward. The likes of Harvester, Pizza Hut, pubs with play areas, etc. are easily the best place to be with a little one. No body cares if your little one drops some food or decides to have a meltdown mid-snack, the mess and noise are all part of the experience of family dining. 

I'm so excited than we can now enjoy meals out as a family of three without having to entertain Violet and wolf down our meals. V is getting so confident with eating and loves to have meal times with us both and I think eating out has probably helped that. I can't wait to continue our BLW journey as Violet explores even more with food. 

Katie xx

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