Thursday, 5 January 2017

Tips for Baby Wearing in Winter.

I've been baby wearing since Violet was only a few weeks old. I love how close you can get to your baby, plus it frees up your hands. And if like me, you have a little one that hates the pram, it's definitely the best alternative. We started out with using a stretchy wrap but V is finally big enough and has now progressed to a Mei-Tai or her Pai Papoose. I wrote a post about baby wearing a few months ago (here) but wanted to do a little update and give some tips for baby wearing in the colder months. 

It's all about layers - Remember that the sling or carrier is classed as an extra layer on your little one. So yes, it's good to wrap up warm when it's cold outside but the last thing we need is a baby over heating. This goes for snow suits too, Violet will go in a snowsuit in the pram but never in her carrier. She gets far too warm, especially in and out of shops and they pose a suffocation risk too. Your body heat also provides warmth for baby, so getting the layers right is key for comfort. 

Avoid sleep suits - This isn't a huge issue if you buy a larger size sleep suit or a footless suit for your baby, but it's just a little note to ensure your baby's toes aren't getting squished. I tend to put Violet in a vest, a top and leggings, then add socks moccasins to keep her feet warm. I know baby leggings aren't always the cutest, but I've found lots of lovely pages on Facebook and Instagram that make custom leggings that fit your baby perfectly. I adore these dinosaur leggings from Monkey Duck, they fit Violet like a glove and I love that they're unique to her. Plus it means I'm supporting small businesses which is always a bonus in my eyes!

Invest in lots of hats - We all lose the most body heat via our heads, so if babies head is kept warm hopefully the rest of them will be too. V has a whole range of cute hats, but this one that was custom made from Leopard Spots Baby is my absolute fave. 

Buy a big coat - I'm lucky that the coat I bought when I was pregnant manages to zip around us both when we're out and about. It's just an oversized parka, with a lot of extra room at the front. I have seen that you can pick up baby wearing fleeces, but any oversized jacket works just fine for us. 

Babies are like hot water bottles - So many times I've left the house with too many layers on me and ended up having more to carry. Violet keeps me nice and warm, just as I keep her toasty. Let me tell you, you don't need a vest top, jumper, jacket and coat as well as a baby keeping you warm. I find a jumper and coat is just enough and saves me from stripping off half way down the road. 

Find what works for you - Every carrier is different and it might take a little bit of time to chose the right one for you. I adored the Wuti Wrap* when V was tiny, but since she's got a bit heavier I find our Pai Papoose* a lot more comfortable to wear for long periods. The Pai carrier from We Made Me is great for winter too, it's a lot thicker than my wrap so keeps Violet warm as well as letting her have a good look around. 

I hope this was helpful and I'd love to hear your baby wearing advice too!

Katie xx



  1. Aw she looks so cosy! ♥ I've honestly never given the complexities of baby wearing much thought but I guess it makes sense that you'd keep each other nice and toasty! :) xo

  2. Aww she looks so cosy and adorable as per! I love baby wearing when it's colder, keeps you both warm and close together. Baby wearing is actually pretty amazing isn't it?! And I love your carrier! The colour is perfect ♡


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