Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Our DIY Baby Sensory Box.

Violet has been attending sensory sessions since she was just over a month old. She loves playing with new textures and discovering new materials. So I knew a home-made sensory box was something that would be well used. I took it upon myself to get some inspiration from sessions and good old Pinterest and start creating her bespoke box. It was so easy to do and could be as inexpensive as you would like, in fact you might have some of the items I used at home already. It's definitely worth giving a go and is fab for babies development too!
A few easy products to use are everyday household bits. This is a chiffon table cloth with glittery stars, a dusting mitt and a fleecy face cloth. All of these bits were found in Poundland or B&M and certainly didn't cost the Earth.
These were a great find in TKMaxx. I find so many brilliant items in there, it's certainly worth scouring the shelves for some bargains. It did get me thinking that tumble dryer balls would make a nice sensory toy too.
Again, something really easy to get hold of, shower puffs and sponges. Violet loves to pull the shower puffs and they make a good ball for rolling too. She is quite the fan of a sponge too, which often ends up in her mouth. I picked these up from Wilko for less than £1.
Next up is Violet's absolute favourite sensory toy, an emergency blanket. We started playing with one of these at a sensory session and V immediately fell in love. The texture and the sound all help to keep her entertained for a good twenty minutes at a time, I'm sure she would stay put if I could stand the rustling longer. This was kindly given to us from a friend, but I know they're easy to pick up on eBay and Amazon for pennies.
Finally, if you do want a traditional sensory toy, we picked this multi-coloured one up from John Lewis. It's a great shape and really easy for Violet to get hold of - this does mean she can easily launch it across the room too though! Another easy purchase was these cookie cutters, again from Wilko for 50p. They're children's cutters so have no sharp edges and make a fun stacking toy as well as coming in handy when shes's a bit bigger.

So there you have it, my simple DIY sensory box. You can easily pop in some wooden spoons or a plastic whisk to add something a little more and we do have a few additions of tinsel and battery operated fairy lights too. You can be super creative on a budget and create something special for your little ones!

Katie xx 

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