Monday, 30 January 2017

Living Arrows Weeks 4 & 5.

I'm running a little late in this weeks Living Arrows, so I think I will pop week 4 and 5 together in one. 

As you'll know we had Violet's Naming Day last week and we've all just about recovered.  It was a lovely day but I was exhausted afterwards. We made it to Thursday with a pretty regular week for us, until Violet and I made the four hour round trip to Middlesbrough to visit our new baby friend. I was sensible and didn't attempt the journey in a car and we went on the train and actually had a really lovely time. V was an angel on the train and I managed to get her to nod off for an hour on the way home. 

Violet is in the midst of another "leap" according to my Wonder Weeks app, which is currently wearing me out. V appears to have forgotten how to sleep through the night and is waking regularly. So this weekend we purchased some baby monitors and gave her a night in her big girls room, to see if that would help. Quite frankly, it didn't. And I'm even more exhausted from getting up to walk to her room, let her know she's okay and then heading back to bed myself. Thankfully she's not really a cryer so tends to grunt and babble to herself until I feed her or soothe her back to sleep. 

On the other hand, we seem to be doing quite well with baby led weaning. We've had lots of firsts this week, including watermelon, apple, chicken with pesto and aubergine. I'm really trying to be creative with her meals but have discovered I need to plan a little better and start cooking earlier. V is definitely ready for her tea about 4:30pm, so I boiled a whole load of pasta early morning yesterday in the hope I can quickly whip up some sauce when she's ready for food. 

V also had her first experience of soft play this week and has actually been to two different places. I'm going to try and squeeze in as many as possible until she gets over 12 months and I have to start paying! The second photo is from Violet enjoying the slide at one of the play areas, she really enjoys watching other children playing while she chills in the ball pool!

And I think that's you all pretty much up to date. What have you been up to this week?

Katie x


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  1. Oh we loved BLW so much! So glad to hear it's going well. Her naming day sounds like fun - but i bet it was as tiring as a wedding and birthday rolled into one! x


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