Monday, 9 January 2017

Alternative Gifts for Newborns.

It feels like 2016 was the year of the baby boom. It feels like everyone I know is having/had or knows someone that's having a baby. I spent lots of time thinking of baby gifts and attending lovely baby showers (not my own might I add!). I was so grateful for all the gorgeous things Violet was bought when she was born. We were inundated with brilliant toys and lots of clothes, which come in so handy (especially in larger sizes). As well as personalised gifts which have taken pride of place in her bedroom. But if you're looking for an alternative to these things, why not try a few of these idea.
The Original Baby Cards - Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have seen these or a version of, popping up on social media. These were a gift from the hubby last Mother's Day, in prep for when Violet arrived. He picked these up from John Lewis, but they're more accessible online at Amazon. They're a few versions of them too, so you can pick a set to suit. 

Handmade Gifts - If you're a dab hand at knitting or the Queen of Crochet, why not make a gift. Handmade gifts are always personal and usually make it to the "keepsake" box. Violet was really lucky and has great-grandparents that can knit like there's no tomorrow. We've got some beautiful pram blankets and cute cardigans that will be kept forever. 

Box of Goodies - Why not make a hamper or box of baby things? It doesn't cost much and won't take too much time to pick out some nice bits and put together a selection, ready for baby to come along. Or even, make a mum-to-be box. If you are running a little low on time or need something to be posted out, check out this box from Little Chickie*. It's ready to go with all the essentials you'd need for comforting a newborn. The box contains some tiny socks, a lovely soft comforter, a cuddly duck and a teething star. Plus you can get alternative sets on their website, if you're looking for something a bit different. 

Something Special - Violet got this beautiful silver bangle for Christmas and it's just the perfect keepsake. It has hearts engraved around the bracelet and is just the sweetest thing. She will be wearing this for her naming day in a few weeks, then it'll be put away for special occasions. If you're looking for something extra special, jewellery always goes down well. 

Katie xx

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