Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Must-Have for Baby Led Weaning.

I can't believe we've been at this weaning thing for almost a week. Time really does fly when you're having fun. So far V has been exploring new tastes and textures, mainly with her hands but some has definitely gone into her mouth! We've discovered she is quite the fan of peanut butter on toast and boiled eggs (not at the same time!). But will happily leave cucumber at the moment - it's a little bit slippy for now. 

And boy does Violet make a mess. We've had crumbs in places you'd never think you'd find them. Little V has also been spending a lot more time in the bath recently after insisting on putting her hands through her hair at every meal time! 

On the upside my floor and Violet's clothes have been saved, thanks to our Tidy Tot*. The Tidy Tot sits nicely over our IKEA highchair and sticks with two suckers, to the tray in front so it can't be pulled off by little hands. It comes with a handy long sleeved bib, which velcros to the front of the tidy tray so no food can fall on to baby's lap! 

We've actually been using our Tidy Tot for a few months, well before Violet was weaning. I've found it's brilliant for stopping toys falling on the floor constantly while she sits and plays in her highchair. It's just wide enough for Violet to not be able to push food or toys to the edge and save mama from cleaning the floor. It's super easy to clean up too. The ring shape is completely wipe-able and the long sleeve bib can be hand washed or can be popped in the washing machine. 

If you're looking for a must-have for baby led weaning, then this needs to be added to your shopping list! You can find the Tidy Tot here. 

Katie x

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