Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Violet's Five Month Update.

Five months. Five months! Where has the time gone? I know this is so cliché and I must  say it every month but I can't believe that Violet is another month older. 

I think I've seen the biggest changes this month and my mini me is turning into a right little character. Her personality is definitely starting to come through and she certainly is an independent little lady. 

This month she's learnt to roll over, both ways! She is so pleased with herself every time she gets over, it's just adorable. However she some how manages to make her way closer and closer to the radiator, so she does need to be moved back regularly! Violet also likes to roll when you're trying to pop her nappy back on, which is cute, hilarious but a little bit annoying too. 

Violet has been spending time sat in her highchair, ready for weaning next month. Her sitting balance is getting much better and in fact she can sit on the floor for a few seconds before falling over. She's also started watching me eat, which I think is a positive sign for weaning in January too. 

Grabbing and throwing are becoming more regular. Her movements are much smoother now and she can easily put her hand out to grab what she wants without dropping it. Movements towards her mouth are a lot better too, although literally everything makes its way into her mouth at the moment. Poor Sophie the giraffe has had her legs chewed on a daily basis. 

Violet has a lot longer awake periods and nap times are a lot shorter than they have been. This is fine when we're out and about as she will generally have a nap in the sling or pram and then be ready and raring to go for our daily activities. However if we're in the house for a few hours, little V will fight the sleep and I will be worn out trying to entertain her in her grumpy state before she finally gives in and sleeps. 

I can't wait until the six month mark, to see Violet change and grow even more but and to start eating real food. I'm really excited for weaning and for all the new experiences she is going to have as she gets older!

Katie xx


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  1. Wow, five months already, she's grown SO MUCH, she looks like a proper little girl there, rather than a tiny baby. Where has the time gone? She's gorgeous though, amazing progress, you must be one proud Mummy.

    Merry Christmas!
    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog


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