Monday, 12 December 2016

The Poop Diaries.

Changing nappies and dealing with bodily fluids is a given when you become a parent. It's certainly not the most glamorous of things, but at times can be down right hilarious. You find yourself discussing your child's bowel movement with your partner, mama friends and actually anyone that will listen. And the excitement and pride when your little one poops after a poo-free day, is beyond ridiculous. So I thought I'd do a little summery of the most ridiculous poo-incidents I've dealt with over the last few months. 

The ultimate poo explosion - Every parent has experienced this at some point in their child's life. It will always happen at the most inconvenient time, for us the small baby change in M&S. I honestly have never seen so much poop in my life. And some how, it was through layers of clothes and right up Violet's back. We swiftly cleaned her up and changed her clothes and nappy. For explosion number two to suddenly occur. This happened another three times before we made it out of the bathroom. Two outfits, three nappies and 30 minutes later, we finally left. 

Forgetting baby wipes - A rookie mistake. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've forgotten wipes. However last week was one of my faves. Just before baby group, I grabbed a nappy, knowing full well I'd left the wipes on my living room floor, convinced she'd only done a number one. Oh how wrong I was. There was poop, and lots of it. So I did what every mother would do and wet some toilet roll and hoped for the best. FYI toilet roll is NOT the same as baby wipes. Nor does it clean up anything like baby wipes. Instead I pulled off the majority of a loo roll for it to crumble when wet, all over poor Violet's bum. I still have no idea how I managed to clean her up to a satisfactory state and still be able to flush the loo without a blockage. 

The leaving-the-house-poo - I'm not sure how she knows but she does. Every time I'm in a rush to meet a friend or trying to get out the house for the next bus, Violet with undoubtedly have a massive poo. I can hear the little grunting noise and the "poo face" and I just know I'm not leaving on time. And it's never a small movement but always the biggest thing you've ever seen and usually in fresh nappy. This has somehow happened twice in the last week, I have no idea how or why my daughter's bowel movements coincidence with the bus timetable, but they do!

Have you had any funny poop stories?

Katie xx


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  1. Love this post!!! We've had a few memorable poop explosions but luckily, no mid-change poops yet... Now we're starting Pickle with foods, I'm weirdly fascinated by the effect on his poop!!


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