Friday, 30 December 2016

Lush Sale Haul.

If you were around on social media on Boxing Day, you'll probably have seen the Lush sale drama. I will hold my hands up and say I did try to look online, but as I was number 847 in the queue, I swiftly closed my iPad and got on with the festivities. Much like last year, I relied on checking in store on the 27th and again I was not disappointed. 

I managed to pick up a whole load of goodies. In fact, they had pretty much everything available and lots of it. So I went ahead and picked up some of my Christmas faves. 

Of course I had to grab the big Snow Fairy shower gel and my all time favourite bubble bar Candy Mountain. Right now my bathroom smells like a bubblegum haven. I went ahead and popped theRose Jam shower gel in my basket too, which should definitely be a permanent line. 

I went with a few bath bomb faves too and picked up So White and Butterbear, which both smell incredible. Stardust and Father Christmas bath bombs and the interestingly shaped, Sparkling Red Slipper bubble bar are all new products to me, so I'm looking forward to having some me time and giving these ones a go. 

Did you manage to pick anything up in the Lush sale?

Katie xx



  1. You got some right treats! I unfortunately didn't get anything in the sale but I have enough Lush bits to last me a good year! xx

  2. Snow Fairy is by far the best!! I got a few bottles this year to keep me going :)

    Shout John

  3. I pickrd up a fair bit in the sale and may be popping into store again tomorrow to try and get some more snow fairy. Lets hope I manage to get this done


  4. I love snow fairy, I got a huge bottle of it for Christmas. I went online to have a look at the sales but I was 33,000 in line lol.

    Kate xx
    A British Sparkle


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