Saturday, 17 December 2016

Last Minute Baby Stocking Fillers.

If you're anything like everyone, you'll end up leaving your stocking fillers to the very last minute. However I've been a little more organised this year, as running around busy shops with a baby isn't the best of ideas. So I thought I'd pop up a few baby or toddler gift ideas, ready for the big day. 

Wooden Toys - I picked this up in Whole Foods whilst we were on holiday and I absolutely love it. I'm a little obsessed with wooden toys, because just look so gorgeous and last forever. I intend to make a story sack with this Gruffolo, but for now he lives on his own with the book!

This Works Baby Wash - We were very lucky to receive this when Violet was born and it's easily our favourite baby wash. It smells incredible and it stays on her skin and hair for days. It's also sulphate free and we've had no issues with drying out Violet's skin. I can't vouch for the bedtime effectiveness because Violet is way too excited in the bath so we can't do it before bed!

Personalised Book - My Adventures of Winnie the Pooh* is a gorgeous book, full of bright colours and big words and it's even more special because Violet's name is throughout the book. I can't wait to read this to her as she gets bigger, such a lovely keepsake. 

Teething Toys - This cute little duck is from Cuddledry* and is made from super soft natural rubber so it's perfect to chew. It's also cute bath time friend to play with while Violet is splashing about. 

Personalised Bauble - It's pretty much impossible to find Violet's name on anything, so I went on a bauble hunt and found this beauty. It's hand made by The Craft Hood, which happens to run by a lovely Mama! I'm all for supporting small businesses, and this one is brilliant. 

Katie xx

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