Thursday, 29 December 2016

A Quick Christmas Round-Up.

That's it. Christmas is complete for another year. We somehow managed to stretch it out for a whole ten days, seeing family and friends. But to be honest, I just can't wait to take my tree down and have my house back. Call me Scrooge, but I'm definitely ready for the whole Christmas thing to be done. 

Having said that, we have had a lovely time. Violet has been well and truly spoilt for her first Christmas, although it has been very overwhelming for her too. We spread presents and visitors out across the ten days, but it was still a little too much for a five month old. People mixed with a teething baby is not the easiest thing in the world. However, here's a snap shot of our festive period! 
Christmas number one on the 18th December. Violet had her first Christmas presents and really enjoyed learning to pull the paper. She wore the cutest Sarah Jayne dress that she's had since she was born and finally fits into!
Violet turned 5 months on the 20th December, so I grabbed a few photos before we headed to one of her many Christmas parties at baby group. My little Christmas tree went down a storm. 
The hubby, Violet and I went on the Santa Special at the East Lancs Railway. It was just lovely and really magical for the children, with lots of lights in the station and a huge stream train ready to ride on. Luckily Violet loves trains so she happily sat for the journey, while a band sang carols and Santa made his way through the carriage and gave out presents. I think this has definitely become a little Christmas tradition for our family. 
We celebrated Christmas Day just us three, exactly how we wanted. We got up, showered then wore new pjs for the whole day. It was just bliss being able to relax on the sofa and watch Christmas films and play with Violet's new toys. The hubby made Christmas dinner for us too and it was just perfect. We really couldn't have asked for a more chilled day. 
Violet sporting another gorgeous dress for another Christmas. We were finally winding down and getting to the end of our celebrations. 
Finally I think this last photo sums up the whole festive period. We are exhausted despite having a lovely time, we all need a good rest until next year!

Katie xx


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