Thursday, 10 November 2016

What's In My Changing Bag.

I'm so nosey and I love these types of posts, so today I thought I would show you a sneak peak into our changing bag. These are my absolute essentials for when we're or and about, keeping up with Violet's very busy social calendar. 

I obviously pack the usual items, like bottles, nappies and milk. Our bottle of choice is the MAM anti-colic bottles, which are the only ones Violet will take. Thankfully they're pretty reasonably priced and certainly prevent too much wind. We also take the ready made milk out with us. It does work out more pricey, but for convenience it's much easier, especially when Violet goes from fine to starving in 0.6 seconds! 

Of course we pack our trusty reuseable nappies. This is one of our budget ones from Little Bloom, despite being less than £5, it's brilliant and no leaks yet! We always take out a wet bag for dirty nappies too, this unicorn one is my fave. 

Baby wipes are a must, especially for any crazy newborn poops. We've been using the Waterwipes* which are 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. They're super delicate on baby's skin and Violet hasn't suffered with any nappy rash since using these along with a natural cream. They're super wet too, unlike other mainstream brands we've tried, meaning you don't have to use as many - they certainly have the thumbs up from us.

I always, always have a spare outfit for
Violet and really I should take one for me too! Violet has pretty bad reflux so we go through outfits and bibs like there's no tomorrow. My poor washing machine is permanently on the go. 

Lastly I sometimes pop in a little toy for Violet, especially if we're out for a while or she's going to be in her pram. My little one isn't the biggest fan of being in a pushchair, so sometimes a teddy is just the perfect distraction. 

So that's our basic changing bag. I'm currently using a cheap back pack but I'm dying to find a bag I really love. Hopefully I will pick something up in the next few weeks. But if you're planning on baby wearing, I would definitely recommend picking up a back pack style bag over the traditional nappy bag. 

What's in your changing bag?

Katie xx

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