Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What Can't You Live Without?

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I was recently asked by Flogas what I would miss if I was to move to a remote location. To be honest I'm a huge city girl at heart and although the idea of the tranquil countryside is appealing, I desperately need to be close to a town. So this really got me thinking about the things I take for grated, living in the suburbs of Greater Manchester. 

First things first, my super fast internet connection. Remember 10 years ago, when the internet didn't really matter for anything other than MSN messenger? Suddenly it's become some what of a lifeline to the outside world for me. I've made so many friends from blogging and social media, I seriously can't imagine my life without it. 

Another huge part of my life is spent on public transport. I'm lucky to live by two train stations and a pretty good bus service. Without them, I would be completely trapped. Myself and my hubby share a car, so unless I drop him at work, Violet and I rely on getting about by bus or train. And to be honest, it suits us pretty well. Violet hates the car but loves the bus and train as she can look out of the window. Not being by a good transport link, would be a huge deal for me. 

I think I certainly take our 24 hour supermarket for granted. It's so handy to know you're only 5 minutes away from being able to pick up some tea. There have been too many times that it's got to 8pm and I've realised Violet's milk is running out and I will need more asap. Thankfully I'm pretty close to at least 4 supermarkets, which have literally been life saving at times!

I think all in all, the biggest thing I would struggle to live without is just general human contact. I'm a pretty sociable person and can't stand being trapped in the house. Violet currently has a busier social life than I've ever had, but it's so good for her and for me. I've managed to meet lots of new mums in my area and we usually have something planned for every day of the week, even if it's just a walk to the shop. Baby dates are fab and brilliant for getting Violet to have a good nap! Spending time around people is something I really need and would find impossible to live without. 

What would you struggle to live without?

Katie xx

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