Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Violet's Four Month Update.

So Violet has officially hit the 4 month mark, I figured it was time for another baby update.

It's incredible how much babies can change even in a couple of days. At the moment it feels like Violet is making a new expression or sound almost daily, which is crazy. I particularly enjoy this strange panting she does when she knows her bottle is coming, she even pouts her lips ready to get drinking. Violet also seems to have found her voice and chats away to herself regularly and has started "shouting" a bit more when she has to get dressed on a morning. I swear this child would be constantly naked if I let her.

Violet is not far from sitting up, which I can't quite believe. She's been holding her head really steady for the past month or so and her sitting balance is getting really good. And because of this, she's been enjoying time in her Bumbo seat and being propped up on the sofa. She's also found her hands and stuffs them in her mouth at any given occasion, along with anything else she may have got hold of.

V is definitely engaging more with play and other people. I'm assuming all tiny babies go through a phase of only really responding to parents or people they are around all of the time. Violet now smiles back at strangers or if someone starts talking to her at baby sessions. It's lovely to see her interacting with other people, but it's also lovely that she keeps and eye on me to ensure I've not gone anywhere! Violet is learning to grab and pick up toys, particularly Sophie the giraffe and guides them to her mouth to be chewed.

Something I've found a little more difficult is the reduction in naps. Violet will tend to have two, maybe three shorter naps throughout the day, which has certainly reduced down from a month or so ago. I've now learnt to get as much done in the house as possible in a lot shorter space of time. Thankfully Violet is quite happy to lie of the floor with her toys for ten minutes so I can manage to wolf some food down every now and again. The reduction of naps also means that when she is tired, she's really tired and tries so hard to fight her sleep. At times she gets upset and frustrated because she's so nosey and wants to know everything that's happening, but desperately needs to go to sleep at the same time. However she does have a few "sleepy cues" so as soon as I spot a sign, I get her down for a nap asap.

Ad I think that's about it for now. We've managed to establish somewhat of a weekly routine and have made some lovely mummy and baby friends, which makes being on maternity leave much nicer. I can't wait to see what the next few months have in store and to spend Violet's first Christmas in our own home.

Katie xx



  1. The baby looks cute!!!!!

  2. Oh Violet is adorable! :) My boy has just gone past the 4 month mark too and it's crazy how fast they grow up! Sleep is our biggest battle... he loves it but decides his bedtime is 1am! It's quite draining haha!



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