Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Crafts for Babies.

I've been starting to be a little more creative with activities we can do at home and thankfully browsing Pinterest has paid off. I popped to my local Wilko and picked up a few different paints and some multicoloured markers and Violet and I got very messy!

A few tips for hand and foot prints with a baby:

1. Stripe them too their nappy and pop them on their change mat or something easily to wipe clean. 

2. Make sure you get washable paints. You will get paint on your clothes, if not the carpet. 

3. No matter how much you try to protect your furniture, you inevitably find paint somewhere you didn't plan on getting it. 

4. Make sure your baby is in a good mood (or ideally asleep). Luckily Violet loves being naked so as soon as she was stripped to her nappy she was pretty happy. I found keeping her laid down and "painting" her foot with my fingers worked best. 

5. You'll need a lot of card - I can't even could how many sheets we went through to get some decent prints. It's a good idea to create a conveyer belt of card ready so you can just keep printing. 

6. Probably the most vital, have wipes ready. As we picked up washable paint, it was pretty easy to just wipe Violet clean before I could get her in the bath. But I must admit her toenails had a green tinge for a few days!

We had a lot of fun making these prints and I've managed to make a whole bunch to give to people at Christmas. The activity also doubles up as sensory time and could definitely be extended into a whole craft afternoon with older children. I'm thinking next year we may crack out the glitter!

Katie xx


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  1. I love this ideal. I'm totally getting some supplies and doing this next week!!

    Rachel //


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