Thursday, 3 November 2016

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew.

Violet has been a very sicky baby from day one. Unfortunately she has reflux so we've had to contend with a few different types of milk and medication to find out the best thing for her. That also means we have a lot of outfit changes, so now she permanently has a bib around her neck, to save me a little washing! 

Thankfully bibs a little more stylish than when I was a baby and I think the little bandana style look super cute and actually add a little something to a baby outfit. Our lovely friends over at Cheeky Chompers* have sent us this gorgeous number to try and it's swiftly becoming one of my faves. 

The bib is made from cotton so is super soft and soaks up anything quickly and easily, without the need for a muslin cloth to wipe up the excess. And the beauty of these bibs is the added teether, which gives them their Neckerchew name. There is no way baby can drop the teether because it's firmly attached. Violet is just starting the teething process and as well as dribbling constantly, she does have a tendency to chew her dummy and bottle teats rather than suck. I'm sure this bib will come in really handy over the next few months. 

I will certainly be picking up a few more of these bibs to add to V's wardrobe. You can pick them up for yourself at for £11.99 each. 

Have you tried these bibs?

Katie xx


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  1. I love the look of these, I keep showing my family members in the hope they will get me one haha! I don't need to worry about it just yet, but I'll be getting them when I do!

    Love from Daisy xxx


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