Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Baby Sleep Hacks.

Getting a good nights sleep is every mama's dream. For the first few months of Violet's life, I became somewhat of a walking zombie, completely exhausted but somehow still going. It's amazing how much the adrenaline keeps you going and you do come of the other side, being so much more thankful for a good few hours of shut eye!

Touch wood, I'm one of those lucky mamas and my little one tends to sleep through the night, and has done since she was 10 weeks-ish. Yes, sometimes she does wake up because she's lost her dummy or has shuffled into an uncomfortable position, but all in all, she's a pretty amazing sleeper. So I thought I'd share a few of our baby and mamas sleep hacks. 

1. Be flexible with your routine - We all know routine is super important for tiny babies. But also for your sanity, you need to be a little flexible! Some nights Violet and I don't get in until just before her bed time, which means she might be up half an hour later or could be ready to sleep earlier than usual too. We just work with this and as long as she's fed and tucked in her sleeping bag, we're all happy. 

2. Find what works for you and your baby - Before Violet was born, so many people swore by the "bath and bed" routine. However we quickly found that that certainly doesn't work for us. Violet is a water baby and adores splashing about, which means she becomes very excited at bath time - not the ideal thing when we're trying to wind down for bed. So we've swapped bath or shower time for a morning!

Violet hated the dark when she was first born. We slept with the landing light on for at least the first two months. Gradually we've managed to get rid of the "big light" and we now sleep with a night light, in the form of the Gro-egg. Not only does it give off the perfect amount of light, it also tells us if it's too cold or too warm for Violet. 

3. Make your bedroom comfortable - As Violet is currently still with us in our room, we have tried to get the room as baby friendly as possible. Violet is in her Next2Me crib, which is absolutely brilliant for us. Not only does she sleep well because she can see me during the night, but it works well as a travel cot too. Plus we can pop it on a slight slant to help with V's reflux. 

The hubby and I have had a little help with sleep from the Brighter Mattress Company* with an incredible memory foam mattress. I really could have done with this while I was pregnant because it's literally like sleeping on a cloud. If you're in the market for a new mattress, I would definitely recommend looking into these ones!

Have you got any tips for getting more sleep with a baby?

Katie xx


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