Thursday, 27 October 2016

Teething Jewellery from Little Magpies.

As Violet is getting bigger she has taking quite a liking to my hair. It's been pulled, grabbed and wrapped around her little fingers too many times to count. Thankfully I've found a solution to save some of my locks, in the form of teething or nursing necklaces. 

We've been using this gorgeous necklace from The Little Magpies* for a few weeks and I must say Violet loves it. She will grab it when it's around my neck, particularly when we're having some milk or if I'm carrying her in the sling. Something about the silicone beads just feels lovely and I'm sure she agrees. 

Not only does it look beautiful and matches everything, but it's so practical too. The beads are safe for Violet to chew, which she has given a go a few times already, despite not quite teething yet. 

The beads are BPA free, food-grade silicone and meet the Food Standards Agency criteria so are super safe for baby to chew. The necklace comes on a long baby safe cord, that has a safety clasp too, just in case baby gets a bit too excited! 

We both love this necklace and will certainly be picking up a few more for when little Miss does start teething properly. Plus they're suitable to pop in the fridge to keep cool and ease some of the nasty sore gums. Poor babies!

You can check out the whole range of teething jewellery here

What did you use when your little one was teething? I'd love some tips to prepare ourselves. 

Katie xx

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  1. This actually looks really nice as well as being practical! It goes so nicely with your jumper :) I've heard good things about amber jewellery for helping with teething but I don't know how much research there is behind that I'm afraid...

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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