Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Baby Bath Time.

Nothing makes Violet happier than bath time. She is an absolute water baby and adores splashing around in the tub. She's also a big fan of the shower and it's fab that I can take her in with me and get us both ready for the day! 

The thing Violet doesn't like, is getting out of the bath. Thankfully hooded towels make it a little easier, I can wrap her up really quickly and keep her warm. I adore this giraffe towel from Bathing Bunnies*. I can't get over how cute Violet looks in this towel! We have 101 white baby towels but nothing like this one. The giraffe design is really sweet and something I've not see on the high street.  

The towel itself is incredibly soft and really well made. It's the perfect thickness and baby V is so cuddly when she's wrapped up in this. I'm really impressed with the quality and I will certainly be picking up a few more of these in other designs. 

My favourite thing about this product, is the personalisation on the back. I love that it has Violet's name on, this makes it a really lovely keepsake and would make the perfect gift for mums-to-be or new babies!

We're going to swimming for the first time this Thursday so we will be taking this along with us. Hopefully I will be able to get Violet out without too much of a fuss! 

Does your little one enjoy the bath? You can find the rest of the Bathing Bunnies range here - FYI it's super cute!

Katie xx



  1. Oh this is just the sweetest thing, she really does look so happy and cosy all snuggled up in it! I hope your swimming goes well :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. Hooded towels are so sweet omg! Especially this one! I've been looking around for different ones for our little one! Once we decide on a name I have to get one for him! x

  3. AW, Violet looks adorable in her giraffe towel. You can tell it's soft just by looking at the photos. I'm always a sucker for personalised baby items. :)

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx


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