Sunday, 31 July 2016

Our Birth Story.

I'm currently lying in the dark with my little munchkin sleeping beside me in her cot. So what better time to attempt to write up our birth story and Violet's very dramatic entrance to the world.

On Monday 18th July, I'd had a pretty average day, headed to a physio appointment then popped to the Trafford Centre on the way to pick my hubby up from work. Nothing really unusual other than then 45 minutes at the Trafford Centre were pretty much spent sat on a bench from pure exhaustion. We headed home and went to bed around 9pm. At 10:30pm I got up to nip to the loo, and discovered I couldn't stop weeing. After a few attempts to leave the bathroom, it dawned on me that perhaps this was my waters breaking. At 35+5 weeks pregnant, you can imagine this was quite a shock. I headed downstairs and gave triage a call, who swiftly told me to come in asap. Little did I know, I wouldn't be returning back home until the Friday night. 

We headed into triage, I was examined and waters confirmed. I was then transferred to the antenatal ward for observations. As i was pre-term I wasn't allowed to go back home and was told if I wasn't in "established labour" by the Wednesday morning I would be induced. 

My contractions started around 3am Tuesday morning and would come and go throughout the following 30 hours. They hadn't become regular enough to be considered "established" so I was to go ahead with the induction. As my waters breaking was an infection risk, I was unable to be examined until right before the induction. They only then examined me on Wednesday morning to see if I was dialating or not, to decide the correct induction process. During the examination the midwife confirmed I was dialating, however instead of feeling firm head, she instead felt my baby's bottom, unfortunately meaning she was in the breech position. 

The next hour was a whirlwind. Within 15
 minutes of discovering she was breech, a consultant was on the ward scanning me to confirm the position and handing me a consent form to sign. I was then whisked off to theatre for an emergency c-section. 

This wasn't quite the chilled, Hypnobirthing experience I had hoped for and coming to terms with having a c-section was pretty rubbish for the first few days. It did mean we missed out things that were really important to me, like immediate skin to skin and delayed cord clamping. But the main thing is, Violet and I are here and are happy and healthy. Violet was born at 14:41pm on Wednesday 20th July at 36 weeks. 

I won't bore you with the following few days in hospital, which consisted of lots of antibiotics, phototherapy and general examinations. However I will say, the aftercare was incredible but that didn't mean we were absolute ready to go home on Friday night!

So there it is, a whistle stop tour of Violet's arrival into the world!

Katie xx


  1. Aww lovely story but sorry to hear you didn't get the birth you wanted :( I also had an emergency c-section and it's literally scarred me for life mentally and physically. I'm starting to come to terms with the outcome and recently had a birthing de-brief to talk through what happened. The outcome remains the same though with a healthy, happy baby girl so all is well :)

    Can't wait for more baby spam!

    Paula ♥ | xo

  2. Sounds like it was all not quite according to plan, but then I imagine something like this rarely is. Glad to hear you are both healthy and well though!

    Jaynie Shannon * / Morphe & Zoeva Giveaway Running



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