Sunday, 3 July 2016

Baby Girl Haul.

My bump seriously has a better wardrobe than me. If you have children or know anyone that's pregnant, you'll know baby clothes are irresistible. I currently have to physically distract myself away from the baby clothes in any shop. I'm a woman possessed. 

I did a little Twitter poll and asked if anyone would like to see some of the bits I've picked up for baby A. Lots of people said yes so I've got together a few of the items I've bought recently, but this is no where near the amount of clothes she has. 

I'm a bit in love with all of the Mamas and Papas clothes in store at the moment. The Liberty range is my absolute fave and I managed to grab this gorgeous body warmer in the sale last week. This will just look incredibly cute with a long sleeved suit and some tiny leggings. 

As you can see the rest of her clothes are white/cream/salmon pink/mint green. I adore the gorgeous mint green cardigan from Boots (so much so, I accidentally bought it twice). I also picked up a mint green romper and a striped pink/cream romper in a two pack from H&M. The H&M baby stuff is super cute and really affordable too! 

My favourite purchases so far are the pretty Peter Rabbit body suit/sleep suits. If you've followed my blog for a long time, you'll know my obsession with rabbits and Beatrix Potter has a special place in my heart. These suits were in the sale in Mothercare and they are just perfect. I can't wait to dress her up in these pretty pieces.

If you're currently buying baby clothes, I'd really recommend the plain white  body/sleep suits from M&S. They feel super soft and they're cheaper than most of the packs I've spotted in other shops. We've just washed all of bump's clothes and everything seems to have washed well, but the real test will start when they're covered in baby poop!

Hope you enjoyed this little haul, someone seriously needs to stop me buying more clothes!

Katie xx


  1. everything in this is SO PRETTY. those tiny rose gold shoes are just a wonder! x

  2. Aww I love everything you've chosen! I think if I had a little girl, I'd dress her in really similar things to this. Love the body warmer, it's adorable. xx


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