Monday, 11 July 2016

35 Week Pregnancy Update.

I can't quite believe I'm writing this, but as I'm only 5 weeks from my due date, I thought I should do a 2nd/3rd trimester round up. 

So where to start?! I think the main thing to say is I've loved being pregnant. There is something so comforting about having a bump and a little peanut wiggling about inside of you. I'm a little anxious about missing my bump, but I will have a gorgeous little girl to replace it. I really can't wait to wear "normal" clothes again though, maternity wear is rubbish. 

The 2nd trimester was lovely. I got a "second wind" and my energy levels peaked. Plus the nausea and metallic taste definitely died down, however both do still creep up on me now and again. Feeling bumps first movements was pretty magical. I felt her around 16/17 weeks, which I think is pretty early, but it was without a doubt Peanut moving. Since then the movements have become regular and stronger and now I can pretty much feel her getting comfy all of the time. 

I've had issues with pelvic groin pain, which is very common in first pregnancies. This did mean I was getting very little sleep for a few weeks, until I'd been to see the physio a few times. Thankfully the physio is working and making me much more comfortable. Plus I've started aquanatal, which seems to be really easing the discomfort. 

A few things I didn't expect so early on, was leaky boobs! I think I've been leaking colostrum since around 21 weeks, which is quite the surprise to wake up to. But it's a positive sign my body is doing what it should be and getting ready for our new arrival. 

Craving wise I've not been craving anything too exciting. Mainly anything sugar-based and bad for me! I went through a small strawberry craze, but for the last few weeks I've just been craving ice cubes. I'm not sure if it's the cold or the crunch of ice cubes, but I just can't get enough. Bump doesn't seem too pleased when I eat cup fulls only ice, but mama wants what mama wants...

We recently went for a 4D scan too. I was sure I didn't want a 3D or 4D scan when I first fell pregnant, but when we went for our gender scan they showed us the 3D and I just loved it. So we waited until I was 30 weeks and went ahead and booked a 4D scan. The photo is so clear and it was amazing seeing her little face again. The sonographer said she has lots of hair too, which makes me so excited. I know I was born with a full head of jet black hair and my hubby was blonde, so I can't wait to see what she looks like. At 30 weeks she was weighing around 3.5lbs, so she's growing really well. 

Appointments with the midwife are now two-weekly and mainly consist of a quick catch up, blood pressure monitoring, a listen to baby's heartbeat and measuring my bump. It's always interesting to see how much my bump has grown since the last appointment! She's currently following the highest line on the percentile chart, so midwife is very happy. 

I've been to NCT antenatal classes and Hypnobirthing, both have meant I've made some mummy friends! I already have plans with both sets to go for lunch and a catch up before all of our babies arrive. I would 100% recommend NCT if you want a more intimate antenatal class, compared to the ones offered by the hospitals. The class had a total of 9 couples, all due within a month of each other so we were all in the same boat, and full of questions. 

Lastly, the most exciting thing happened last week - baby turned to be head down! She's been breech or transverse for my entire pregnancy and I was getting very twitchy about the prospect of a planned c-section. However bump did a huge turn last Tuesday (and boy, did it stretch me!) and she now firmly down into my pelvic area. Fingers crossed she will stay in that position for the next few weeks. 

So I think you're pretty much up to date. I I'll leave a cheeky bump picture, this is from 32 weeks so I'm slightly bigger and lower down now, but I thought it would still be nice to share!

Are you a mummy blogger? I'm dying to get to know more parenting and pregnant bloggers!

Katie xx


  1. I am not a mummy (yet), but love reafing about peoples pregnancies! Your bump is beautiful.


  2. I wish you luck during the rest of your pregnancy and hope both you and baby are well!

    JaynieShannonx // Beauty, Lifestyle, Health.


  3. Glad she has turned and hopefully saved you from having to have a c-section. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and she will be here before we know it.


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