Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Alice in Wonderland by Urban Decay.

Last week a very exciting delivery arrived through my door. Im finally the proud owner of the Alice In Wonderland eyeshadow palette* from Urban 
Decay. Alongside the palette I was also kindly sent two of the incredible lipsticks* from the same range.  

So what do I think about the collection? This is totally up my street. The packaging is amazing and has been so well thought through. The palette just feels so unique and special and the lipsticks are just gorgeous. I was a little sceptical at first when I saw other bloggers talking about the range and thought I would never wear some of the eyeshadow colours, but in "real life" the shades are super pretty and pigmented, I feel confident in trying something new. 

My favourite shades from the palette so far are Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, Paradox and Dream On. Lily is the most incredible highlight shade. I've been using this below my brow bone and even on the tops of my cheeks as a highlighter. It has a gorgeous iridescent sheen to it, that just makes any shade "pop" if applied over the top. 

Duchess, Kingdom and Paradox have been my go-to everyday shades. They seem to come together perfectly as a subtle smokey eye and have a sweet pinky tone which I wouldn't usually go for, but it works really well. 

Dream On is the perfect top shade to add a little shimmer but not something over the top. I love the purple undertones, which really compliment my skin tone and eye colour. It definitely a shade I will use over and over again, especially for a night time look. 

The lipsticks I received are the shades Iracebeth which is the comfort matte red shade, and Mirana which is a metalizzed purple shade. As you can imagine both shades are incredibly pigmented and super easy to apply. 

Iracebeth is perfect cherry red shade and is unlike any other red lipstick I own. I love that then matte formula doesn't mean it's drying and in fact is really comfortable on the lips.  

Mirana is a beautiful deep purple shade with a slight hint of shimmer. This works so well for a bold, statement lip but can also be applied lightly for a more sheer finish. 

Overall I'm super impressed with the collection, once again Urban Decay have stood out from the crowd and created something extra special. 

Have you tried anything from the range? 

Katie xx


  1. The eyeshadow palette looks lovely and so does the lipsticks especially Iracebeth :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. The packaging of the palette is so beautiful and I love the shades!

    Love Katy @ The Rawrdrobe x


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