Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fragrance Direct Haul.

Okay, maternity leave is dangerous for my bank balance. I've literally spent my first week off browsing the Internet for things that I don't need. My latest purchases have come from Fragrance Direct. I'm actually obsessed with the FD website and always find so many good bargains and this time was no exception.

This haul saw me picking up a good variety of nail varnish- I can't have nice nails whilst I'm off work, so I'm making the most of it! All of the polishes were under £3 which is an absolute steal for the likes of Jessica and Essie nail polish. I can't wait to try the Maybelline nail varnish, which was actually a recommendation from another blogger- hello rose gold nails! 

I ordered two lipsticks, one from Rimmel and the other is a L'Oreal number. They're both pretty pinks, but I think the Rimmel shade is more my colour. These were both less than £3 too, and I'm pretty sure they're still full price in the drugstore. 

Finally some miscellaneous bits. I picked up a Tanya Burr lipgloss, a little late to the game but I thought I'd give it a go for £1.25. A L'Oreal eyeshadow, which I am completely and utterly in love with and I now need to order more. And finally a BB Blush which I'm a little fearful of, but I need to give it a proper go when I'm not leaving the house! 

My entire haul came to just under £20! For the amount of branded products, I'm super impressed with Fragrance Direct, as always.

Have you picked up any bargains recently?

Katie xx 



  1. Omg first of all, congrats on such a bargain! Recently, I picked up the new Essie gel couture nail polishes at Boots, which was great! I'd realy recommend them :)
    Love your blog!

    Lots of love,
    Marshmallow Skye

  2. Oh golly, definitely heading over there now to splurge on nail polish...


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