Saturday, 21 May 2016

My MAC Lip Collection + Swatches.

I've been getting more and more into Mac lipsticks recently. No matter where I pick other lip products up from, I always end up coming back to trusty Mac. So I thought there was no better opportunity to share my Mac lipstick collection with you. I've swatched the colours in order from left to right, so if you've seen dorm thing that catches your eye - keep reading. 

Finally Free (Creamsheen) - This is my newest addition to my collection. Only being released recently, this is the colour inspired by Caitlyn Jenner and all proceeds go to helping transgender communities in the UK. The colour is a gorgeous pink/brown toned nude and is super easy to wear. Creamsheen is one of my favourite formulas from Mac. I find this formula really flattering and non-drying on the lips. I know I will be getting a lot of wear from this pretty colour. 

Impassioned (Amplified) - This colour was bough on a whim one day whilst I was browsing the counter. This is a super full-on bright pink lipstick but is somehow still flattering in the lips. I don't wear the Amplified formula as a daytime lipstick as they can be quite drying, but this is the ultimate statement lip for an evening/nighttime look. 

Syrup (Lustre) - Another of the new additions to my collection. I picked this up after seeing Lily Pebbles raving about it. My all time favourite lip colour is Patisserie (another Lustre formula) so I knew I would love the way this sits on the lips. I adore this colour and it's so easy to apply. It's my everyday go-to at the moment and I can apply without a mirror which is an absolute bonus. You'll see I don't have Patisserie featured here because I am scraping the bottom
of the bullet, but for the record I adore it.  

Mehr (Matte) - This is a gorgeous your-lips-but-better shade. I love the pigmentation of the matte shades but again they can be a little drying. This looks incredible with a deep smokey eye to add a little something to the lips without taking away from eye look. It's buildable too, so applying a really thin layer can be super subtle. 

Rebel (Satin) - I think this may have been my first ever Mac lipstick purchase. I have no idea why I went straight in at the deep end and went for such a bold colour. However I have had a good amount of wear from this shade. I find Rebel is a shade than can totally work with any complexion from super pale like me to gorgeous olive skin tones. 

Twig (Satin) - This is somewhere between Syrup and Mehr but a slightly more brown-time. As you can see I have a "type" when it comes to lipstick shades and this is up there with my faves. 

Morange (Amplified) - Another intense lip colour in my range. I picked this up when I wanted something really bold to wear with a neutral make up look. This looks incredible with a tan and is so flattering on holiday with bronzed skin. 

Stone (Matte) - This is an absolute 90s throw-back and a little homage to my love for the Spice Girls. I wasn't completely sold on the brown lip but I really love this shade. Despite having ghost-like skin, this somehow works really well as an everyday lip colour. 

And that's it...what other shades do you recommend? Have any caught your eye here?

Katie xx


  1. I really want to buy Twig and Rebel. They are gorgeous!

    Emily xo

  2. Twig looks really nice in your swatch. I keep looking at swatches and can't decide whether to buy it. I guess I should go to a store at some point and see for myself! xx

  3. I have three MAC lipsticks and I'm hoping to expand my collection soon. Rebel is on my hitlist!
    Megan x
    Lucky Penumbra

  4. Wow absolutely love your collection!! So envious and Stone is the shades I've lusted after for so long <3

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


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