Sunday, 29 May 2016

Manchester Lush Store Opening.

On Thursday night myself, other bloggers and press were invited along to the launch of the new Lush store in Manchester Arndale. I was beyond excited to see the new store, knowing it would be much bigger than the previous offering in the Arndale. In fact, we were told in the store, that this is actually the third biggest store in the World!

So what's the new store like? It's set out in a much more customer friendly way. It's really easy to move around to the different sections and browse leisurely, rather than squeezing past other shoppers. The store has its own greenhouse which grows some of the plants used in products made by Lush. It also makes a cute, quiet place for skincare consultations to learn about the products. 

Each area is dedicated to a particular range of products from bath and shower to hair care and skincare. But my favourite section has to be the make up. I've never really explored Lush make up before, but that may be because the selection in my local store wasn't great. However that has now all changed. The lovely store assistants showed us all of the make up range including some Manchester exclusives (other than the Oxford Street branch). I'm completely obsessed with the Lush pigments, which are incredible for using in eyes, lips and as a highlight - expect a full review soon. I also tested the new eye jewels and lip pigments which are incredible. 

The store was full of demos and we were lucky enough to see some of the products being made right in store. For the launch, staff from the Lush Kitchen were onsite making Angels in Bare Skin cleanser - you can't get much fresher than that! 

I've fallen in love with a few of the Lush Gorilla Perfumes too. After having an in depth chat with one of the assistance about the origins of the scents, I'm really intrigued to try some more. The launch had a super sensory experience with the perfumes, where we learnt all about the notes of the scent and the relationship between smell and taste - this did involve some yummy chocolate tasting too. 

We were kindly gifted some items from the new store to try out at home so I am super excited to give them all a go! 

For those wondering, the new Lush store is opposite the old store in the Arndale Centre - if you're in Manchester visiting the new store is an absolute must. 

Katie xx


  1. This looks amazing! Wish I was nearer Manchester! xx

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