Saturday, 9 April 2016

Real Techniques Sponge Vs Beauty Blender.

When I headed off to New York I had a few things on my shopping list. One of them being the Beauty Blender. Although it wasn't much cheaper than over here in the UK, I had some holiday spends so I really wanted to pick one up. I spotted that Sephora had exclusive colours in the range and I ended up picking the nude shade

I've heard so much about the Beauty Blender and I'm a HUGE fan of the Real Techniques sponge, that I really wanted to see what the differences were. And I must say, I think these two sponges are very different. 

First off the shape of both sponges is completely different, the RT sponge has a pointed end and a flat edge, where as the BB is egg shaped and has a nice round base to work with. 

The texture of both sponges is different too. The RT is quite firm for a sponge and doesn't expand too much when wet. It's a great sponge for patting in concealer under your eyes and working in a higher coverage foundation. The BB expands to several times its size when wet, giving it a really lovely, bouncy feel. The BB is the ideal texture for blending in foundation to give you an amazingly flawless base. I haven't struggled at all with this sponge for blending and I think it gives a more "air brushed" look than any other make up tool I own. 

I've always been dedicated to my RT sponge but since investing in the BB, I don't think I will ever go back. The RT sponge is great for those on a budget and anyone wanting to try out a make up sponge. But for me, the Beauty Blender steals the show, every time. The finish is just flawless and the sponge is so easy to work with. I'm completely obsessed with the Beauty Blender, I can't see me picking up anything else to apply my make up. 

Katie xx 



  1. I've just picked up the Real Techniques for the first time and excited to try it x

  2. I've had my Beauty Blender almost a year and really need to buy a new one. I was going to try the Real Techniques one instead but I think I'll stick with the Beauty Blender!

    Laura x


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