Friday, 29 April 2016

Pregnancy Body Care.

I can't quite believe I'm saying this but I'm over 6 months pregnant and my bump is well and truly growing. Despite getting a little frustrated at the lack of nice maternity wear, I'm absolutely loving having a little person growing inside of me. 

I've always been a size 8 with very small shoulders and a tiny 5"2", so having a bit extra weight around my tummy is very strange. I've been a little worried about not having enough skin to stretch right around without getting tonnes of stretch marks. Picking up a good stretch mark reducing oil was something I was happy to invest in. 

I luckily stumbled across the Mama Mio range in my local TKMaxx. I'd heard of the brand in the past and was really excited to give the Tummy Rub Oil a go. This a gorgeous luxurious oil that has a very delicate, organic scent. My previous stretch mark cream was from Palmers and the smell was just a little too sweet and strong for my very sensitive pregnant nose! I've been using this day and night and just massaging into my tummy. This soaks in perfectly and leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed. 

After heading back to TKmaxx to pick up another bottle of the oil, I spotted the Mama Mio Lucky Legs cream. My biggest pregnancy symptom has been problems with my hips and anything that promises to relieve the tension and help my legs, is a winner in my eyes. The Lucky Legs cream is incredible, especially when I've just finished a 12 hour shift at work. The cream melts into your legs so easily and a little goes a long way. It then gives an amazing tingling feeling that immediately cools and calms my tired legs. The only thing to note with this cream is that it does have a shimmer running through so if you're not a big shimmer fan just use at night before bed! 

Both of the products were at a bargain price and I assume they are just in TKMaxx due to the old packaging. The RRP for the oil is £27 and I paid £7.99 and the Lucky Legs RRP is £19.50 and is in store for £5.99. If your looking for a bargain I would certainly recommend picking up some of the Mama Mio products while they are in stock. 

Katie xx

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