Thursday, 17 March 2016

NYC Candle Haul.

Whilst in New York, I couldn't miss out on a trip to Bath & Body Works. After hunting it down in the pouring rain, I was super excited to browse the gorgeous candles. 

I was a little overwhelmed at first cos there is just so much choice but after getting my bearings I settled on these three. I picked up the limited edition Easter candle in Cotton Candy Marshmallow and then two of the regular ones in Mahogany Coconut and Tiki Mango. 

The limited edition candle is a three layer candle and each layer smells sweeter than the last. It's an incredible scent and completely fills my entire house, even when it isn't burning. I picked up the Easter candle holder too, which has a cute bunny design and makes the candles look even prettier. 

I haven't burnt the other two candles yet because I don't want to run out, but they smell amazing even before being burnt. The Mahogany Coconut was a recommendation from the sales assistant and it's just perfect. The scent is manly and musty but with a subtle coconut undertone which makes it a little more feminine. This is the perfect bedroom scent. 

The Tiki Mango candle is very fruity, as the name would suggest. But it's not sickly or over powering and is the perfect scent for moving into spring time. 

All three candles are the three wick candles and so far, they are the most even-burning candles I've ever used. I can see these burning all the way down with very little wastage.

Unfortunately these are hard to get hold of in the U.K., I know eBay have a few sellers though. I was lucky enough to pick all of these up on a half price day so they were a tiny $12.50 each! I would certainly recommend picking some of these candles up if you're ever in the USA, I only wish I'd bought more!

Katie xx


  1. I love Bath & Body Works candles, and just candles in general.



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