Saturday, 12 March 2016

Jo Malone Carrot Blossom & Fennel.

After feeling a little bit sorry for myself as none of my clothes fit any more, I took myself off to Jo Malone and picked up a little perfume I'd been eyeing up. 

The new Jo Malone Herb Garden collection came out a few weeks ago and as soon as I heard the names of the perfumes I knew I would love this one. I picked up the Carrot Blossom & Fennel which is just the most gorgeous scent. 

Since being pregnant I've found my usual sweet smelling perfumes, a little too over powering. This scent is just the perfect mix of sweet and subtle licorice notes, along side the carrot makes a really pretty, sophisticated perfume. I can spray this at 6am before work and still be able to smell it when I arrive home at 8pm. 

Something I adore about the Jo Malone limited edition perfumes are the bottles there is always so much effort and thought into the design. The Herb Garden bottles have the prettiest floral-garden designs and as green is my favourite colour, I am in love with the colour of the bottle it's self. 

All of the scents are priced at £44 for 30mls, which for the quality of JM perfumes, is totally worth it. There are four scents in the range but this is easily my favourite. I would certainly recommend giving these a whiff next time your passing a counter. 

Katie xx

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  1. Ahh there's just something about Jo Malone! I have always wanted to own and try out a scent <3 gorgeous packaging xx


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