Sunday, 14 February 2016

Toni & Guy Professional Deep Barrel Waver.

I've been firmly dedicated to my Enrapture Jumbo Waver for several years. It's easily been my favourite hair styling tool for some time. I hate having straight hair, my hair is naturally pin-straight and it drives me mad. Curling my hair isn't really an option, the curls only tend to hold for a few hours and then my hair ends up looking limp and lifeless. So when I was asked if I wanted to try out Toni & Guy's version of a hair waver, I knew I had to give it a go.

The Professional Deep Barrel Waver* is much thinner and a different shape to the Enrapture offering, and I love it. The waver is so easy to use and because of the size it waves my shoulder length hair really quickly. It took me around 5 minutes to create the waves featured in the photos. The waves look so natural and really give my hair that much needed bounce. 

The best thing about this hair tool is that I only need to use it every other day. I've found that even if I sleep on the waves, I will wake up with a natural look. Which means this is an ideal device for someone that has to wake up super early for work and doesn't really have the time to get ready properly. 

This Deep Barrel Waver has certainly taken the place of my Enrapture waver. It's sleeker, smaller and easier to use, making it perfect for a girl on the go!

Katie xx


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