Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pregnancy Update: The First Trimester.

It's been two weeks since I announced our exciting news, so I thought I would share a little bit of what pregnancy had been like so far. 

I'm currently 15 weeks, so I'm firmly in the second trimester yeyyyy. And even more exciting news, we can officially find out baby's gender from next week which I cannot wait for! Anyway, let me take you back to the beginning...

Two days before Christmas, after a long day at work, Jonathan persuaded me to take a pregnancy test. As far as I was concerned, I'd had no symptoms but we didn't want to be thinking about it over the Christmas period. He picked up the fancy ClearBlue digital tests and off I went for a wee (TMI sorry). Not thinking anything of it, I took my make up off whilst I was waiting for the test to do its thing. If you are trying, you'll know that the pregnancy tests seem to take FOREVER to come up! So when it finally flashed up "pregnant" I was very much taken aback. Not only did it say pregnant but it also gave the weeks at "3+" which is the maximum on the digital test. Reading the instructions, this meant I would be dated at least 5 weeks. I then kind of shoved the test in Jonathan's face and we just kind of stood there shell shocked for a few seconds! then took the second test in the pack "just to make sure" and of course the result was exactly the same. 

Knowing over Christmas was really crazy and super hard to keep quiet. Especially when it seems everyone was talking about babies. We actually managed to keep it quiet until I was 11 weeks, after I'd had a private scan. I then had my first NHS dating scan at 13 weeks and given the due date of 17th August. 

Looking back I did have a few tell tale signs of early pregnancy, but at the time thought nothing of it. I've always had issues with food and nausea so I just figured I'd eaten something that didn't agree with me and I was stressed at work! The nausea came every now and again and seems to have finally eased off now. Unfortunately my appetite still hasn't come back and I find it really difficult to decide what I'd like to eat and snacking throughout the day seems to be the way forward. 

The worst thing so far is the awful "metallic" taste in my mouth. It's so hard to describe but it makes me feel sick  and the only thing that seems to get rid is citrus fruit flavours! Again, this seems to be dying down slowly and hopefully will subside too soon. 

My bed has become my best friend. I've got very good at being able to sleep whenever and where ever. Pregnancy really takes it out of you. But other than that, I can't really complain. 

Now I'm just really excited for the next few weeks and finding out what we are having! Of course I will share with you all as soon as we know. 

I'd love to know any hints and tips anyone has for getting through the next trimester stress-free. And if anyone knows where I can find NICE maternity wear and a swimsuit for aquanatal, I'd love to know!

Katie xx

Sunday, 21 February 2016


I can't quite believe I'm saying this, but I'm home from New York. Technically we got home on Friday but after an awful flight and being awake for over 26 hours, I had some much needed sleep to catch up on. 

I thought I would bombard you with some of my holiday photos today. We had an amazing time, despite it hitting -17 degrees at one point - we were not prepared for that kind of cold. We did all the regular touristy things like Empire State Building, Rockerfella Centre, Times Square, Central Park etc. As well as some non-traditional things like hunting down Katz Deli, where the infamous scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed (my all time favourite film) - they do the BEST pastrami sandwich in the World. We also headed to The High Line which is an old railway converted into a public park. It sits above the city and is weirdly peaceful despite the traffic below

A few of my highlights were, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, the views from Rockerfella Centre and taking the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty - we got some amazing views and it didn't cost a penny. Without a doubt I would recommend the Top of the Rock over Empire State any day, the views are incredible and the fact you get to see Empire State in the skyline is pretty amazing.

Anyway, I will leave it there for now - I do have a NYC shopping haul coming up soon, but for now I need to go do some more relaxing.

Katie xx

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Toni & Guy Professional Deep Barrel Waver.

I've been firmly dedicated to my Enrapture Jumbo Waver for several years. It's easily been my favourite hair styling tool for some time. I hate having straight hair, my hair is naturally pin-straight and it drives me mad. Curling my hair isn't really an option, the curls only tend to hold for a few hours and then my hair ends up looking limp and lifeless. So when I was asked if I wanted to try out Toni & Guy's version of a hair waver, I knew I had to give it a go.

The Professional Deep Barrel Waver* is much thinner and a different shape to the Enrapture offering, and I love it. The waver is so easy to use and because of the size it waves my shoulder length hair really quickly. It took me around 5 minutes to create the waves featured in the photos. The waves look so natural and really give my hair that much needed bounce. 

The best thing about this hair tool is that I only need to use it every other day. I've found that even if I sleep on the waves, I will wake up with a natural look. Which means this is an ideal device for someone that has to wake up super early for work and doesn't really have the time to get ready properly. 

This Deep Barrel Waver has certainly taken the place of my Enrapture waver. It's sleeker, smaller and easier to use, making it perfect for a girl on the go!

Katie xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

I Have Some News...

I have a little explaining to do... If you've followed my blog since the beginning or at least for the past few years, you'll know I'm pretty dedicated when it comes to posting regularly. You may also have noticed it had been a little quieter around here lately, well there has been very good reason...

I'm pregnant! 

As I'm typing this I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and finally (fingers crossed) over the morning sickness/nausea and the other delightful things that the first trimester springs upon us. To be honest I've just not had the energy or motivation to sit and concentrate on blogging. And for once I didn't feel guilty about it. I've been taking time for me and my little peanut, trying to get as much rest as possible and attempting to keep what food I can stomach, down. So that's my little (big!) update. 

This isn't going to suddenly turn into a parenting blog, but I do want to share my pregnancy journey with you and I'm sure some of you can give me advice and tips on being a first time mum! 

I will of course try and get back to posting more regularly when I arrive back from the Big Apple next week. But for now, thanks for sticking with me and here's to the next, very exciting chapter! 

Katie xx

Saturday, 6 February 2016

L'Oreal Infallible Foundation: Before & After.

Bare Face
One layer of foundation
Completed look:
L'Oreal Infallible Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Charlotte Tilbury Blush
Mac Mehr Lipstick
YSL Babydoll Mascara

If you're as ghost-like as me, you'll know how much of a struggle finding a drugstore foundation is. No matter the brand, I am always the lightest shade and most of the time even the lightest colour is way to dark for me.

 I've sworn by L'Oreal True Match foundation for the past few years, their lightest neutral shade is the closest to the perfect shade for my skin. I've seen the L'Oreal Infallible foundation a few times but never got around to picking it up. Boots luckily had a 2 for &12 offer on, so I ended up picking up the foundation and a mascara from the range. 

I went with Porcelain, which of course is the lightest shade in the range and I couldn't have found a better match. This is the perfect shade for my winter skin when I'm paler than pale. The coverage is pretty amazing too. My skin has been a little unhappy this past month so I was looking for something a little higher coverage. I'd say this is easily medium coverage but buildable to full, without much effort. The finish is matte but not cakey at all and the staying power is amazing. Despite having some breakouts my skin is really dry, thankfully this foundation doesn't cling to my dry patches and blends really easily. 

I've been applying using my trusty Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which is the best thing to have happened to my make up routine!  I love the natural glow this gives me too and it's definitely given me the little confidence boost I've needed over the past few weeks. 

Have you tried this foundation?

Katie xx 


Monday, 1 February 2016

An Alternative Valentine's Gift Guide.

After 7 years together myself and the hubby don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. This year is going to be a little different as we will be in New York for Valentine's and I absolutely cannot wait. I know Americans take 14th February a little more seriously than us Brits so it will be nice to see how things work across the pond. 

For those wanting a some V-day inspiration that's little different from those cheesy, romantic gifts, I thought I'd get together a few ideas, with a little help from the lovely people at Amara*. 

If you or your partner are anything like me, you will change your phone case like the weather. I think this pretty floral phone case is the perfect present for anyone that permanently had their phone attached to their hand. 

Next up something a little more personal. I adore this mug and it's even more special as it has my initial on. I love the hand-made feel to this and is the ideal present for tea and coffee lovers!

This next present idea is actually something I popped in as a treat for my other half. As I've mentioned we will be in NYC in a few weeks, I thought this scratch off map was the perfect way to tick off all our sight seeing. Plus it's something fun to look back on when we get home. 

Finally a little something for the home. This gorgeous copper lantern is so pretty and filled with a tea light is just so lovely. This is just something practical but a super thoughtful gift! 

Do you celebrate Valentine's day?

Katie xx

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