Saturday, 16 January 2016

NYC Wardrobe Wishlist.

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So I'm heading to New York for the first time next month and I am so, so excited. In my mind I'm going to be channelling my inner Blair Waldof and wandering round NYC in some pretty amazing clothes. But in reality I will be wearing approximately 75 layers and wrapped up like an Eskimo. 

I'm not sure we considered how cold it will be at the beginning of February but I thought I'd write up a post of all the clothes I'd love to wear for wandering around New York. 

I'm completely obsessed with this pink cord jacket with fur lining. I think this would look super cute with a denim skirt and knee high boots. 

The burgundy pinafore is just perfect and would look incredible with a long sleeved basic top and this fur scarf (which I may have ordered...). 

I'm pretty smitten with these navy ankle boots which probably aren't the most practical choice of footwear for sightseeing but they are so pretty. Maybe I will actually have to invest in something a little more sensible, but a girl can dream...

Have you ever been to NYC? Send me your recommendations of things to do!

Katie xx


  1. Things you must do/see: Times Square, Central Park, Bryant Park, Union Square, Statue of Liberty, MET, Grand Central Terminal, Top of the Rock!

  2. Oh my god so frickin exciting have an amazing time, in terms of your clothes picks I am in love- I need to save these for a few purchases and shopping inspo ;) xxx


  3. Love those boots! New York is amazing, definitely hit fifth avenue and Central Park :) x

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