Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wishing for Winter Sun.

Okay, it's not really the time of year to be needing sunglasses, but I'm hoping for some crisp, blue skies over the next few weeks. There is seriously nothing worse than driving when the sun is really low and you can't see a thing. So in preparation for those frosty mornings, these incredibly gorgeous Ralph Lauren sunglasses* from the Sunglasses Shop will be perfect for wearing all year round. 

I chose the polarised lenses which are designed to handle glare from the sun even better than regular sunglasses. That means these are ideal for driving and even safer than wearing regular sunglasses to avoid glare from the sun. 

I adore the design and the arms of the glasses are just so chic and stylish. I can't wait to wear these when I head to New York in February. I'm hoping for freezing cold weather with clear skies and some winter sunshine, so these will will look effortlessly cool. 

I'm currently trying to find any excuse to wear these pretty specs, fingers crossed for some sunshine soon!

Katie xx


  1. The arms are just so pretty, I love anything with a touch of glare. Plus they'll help me drive more safely so really what's not to love?

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I'm never without my sunglasses when driving - especially in the winter when the sun is so low! Love this chic style x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  3. These are beautiful, I picked up my Ralph sunglasses 2 years ago in duty free and they're still the only pair I wear. The shape is incredible and they're so light. I have them with me summer and winter, I find the light can be really harsh in the winter and I don't want to be shelling out for botox down to squinting! xx


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