Sunday, 8 November 2015

Party Season Picks.

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The winter collections are certainly hitting the high street and I've been lusting after so much stuff. I've officially picked up a super glittery jumper from H&M already and I'm just waiting for it to be an acceptable time in the year to wear it. I'm thinking the end of this month is ok for sequins and glitter prior to the festive season?! Anyway here's a few of my favourite picks for the party season. 

Weirdly I've spent a lot of time in H&M recently. I'm not usually a big fan of their clothes and always find the sizing a little odd, but the last few weeks I've picked up some fab buys. I forgot how reasonably priced the clothes are too, so many lovely things in at the moment. 

I particularly love the sequin long and short sleeved tops. Both are covered in silver sequins and just perfect for Christmas time. I'm all about high necked tops at the moment too so sparkles added to a high neck is my kind of Christmas perfection. This top may actually make it onto my Christmas Day outfit wish list. 

I love hunting for party prep but I just can't get enough of comfy warm clothes for the next few months. I'm all about the pink fur coat and the gorgeous lime green knitted scarf. I love the idea of getting completely wrapped up when it's cold outside, layering is my favourite thing to do. 

I definitely need some comfort to come home too. Sketchers have these gorgeous furry slippers for keeping my toes warm when I get home. I like to come home to my comfy pjs, dressing gown and my heating pumped up to the max, easily the best thing about winter. 

Roll on frosty mornings and icy evenings, I'm ready for you!

Katie xx

*In collaboration with Mastershoe-Myshu


  1. I love all of the sparkly sequin tops! I think Christmas is the only acceptable time to wear them all day long!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I adore those green skirts and the silver vest. I really do need some slippers like this as my old cheap have fallen apart. I love your blog header by the way I think it looks awesome!

  3. Stunning header lovely and I adore just about everything in H&M at the moment but most of all the sequin skirts they are fab xxx


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